Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Podcast Marathon

No Exams Scheduled Today = Podcast Marathon!  Here is what I listened to yesterday:

Comic Book Noise #688. In this episode, host Derek Coward talked about the many characters who have died in the long history of the comic book Legion of Superheroes.

Deconstructing Comics #437: I started listening to this podcast a few months ago, and am still more than a year behind. I enjoy the range of what is discussed on this podcast, as well as the international flavor. This episode covered "Real," a manga about basketball, physical disabilities, and relationships.

DH Unplugged #310. This is a terrific business and stock market podcast. Discussion in this episode includes Apple's recent poor financial results.

Jaig Eyes And Jedi #14. Hosts Hope and Chris talk about the episode "Jedi Crash," from the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The Parliament of Rooks #4. Another show I recently discovered, this one features a married couple talking about all things magic and mysterious in the DC Universe. This episode covered old House of Secrets issues, featuring the characters Mark Merlin and Eclipso.

Trentus Magnus Punches Reality #145: Trentus is continuing to talk about Marvel's Civil War. In this episode specifically, he covers the X-Men issues that tied into the event.

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