Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Own Podcast Awards!

Since I (1) listen to a lot of podcasts, and (2) have a blog, I believe I am qualified to talk about my favorites podcasts of 2015.

This year's awards are dedicated to the memory of Shawn Engel, who passed away in December. He was a terrific podcaster, whose solo show Just One of the Guys was excellent. He was also involved in the shows Parallel Lines, Who True Freaks, and Listen to the Prophets.

Favorite Podcast That I Guested On In 2015
Runners-Up: Back to the Bins, Crossover Nexus, Earth Destruction Directive, Just One of the Guys, King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun, No Consoles for Old Men, Pop Culture Affidavit, Secret Origins, TV Rewind, Trentus Magnus Punches Reality, Unofficial 75 Greatest Marvels
Winner:  Bailey's Batman Podcast. Michael Bailey and I talked about the hardcover collection Batman From the Thirties to the Seventies, a volume I have owned for about 40 years.

Best Produced Podcast
Runners-Up: Beware of Monsters, Long Play, No Agenda, Spirit Blade Underground.
WinnerMy Star Wars Story. Scott Ryfun does a terrific job getting his guests to open up about their histories with Star Wars. He has had a wide range of guests on the show, and the interviews always sound terrific. He is able to largely "get out of the way" of his guests, letting them (as the podcast name implies) tell their unique, individual Star Wars story.

Off Into The Sunset Award, for a show that wrapped up its mission in 2015, and rode off victoriously into the sunset.
Runners-Up: Babble-On Project, Flowers & Fishnets, Just One Of The Guys, Uncovering the Bronze Age
Winner: Parallel Lines. Michael Bradley and the late Shawn Engel did a terrific job covering each and every issue of DC Comics "Tangent Universe" initiative. They ended with an excellent "feedback and farewell" episode. 

Where Have You Been All My Life? Award, for a show that started in or before 2014, but that I didn't start listening to (or even hear of, in some cases) until 2015.
Runners-Up:  Batgirl to Oracle, Men in Blazers, X-Files Truth
WinnerThe Classic Tales Podcast. I discovered this excellent show only a few months ago, and have become a huge fan. BJ Harrison produces high-quality audio versions of novels and stories in the public domain, across a wide range of genres.

Podfaded But Not Forgotten Award, for a show that ended (or maybe seems to have ended) in 2015, and it's hard to know if or when it's coming back.
Runners-up: The Book Guys Show,The Jen and Dave Show, The Ultraverse Network
Winner: Geeks On!  This was one of the first half-dozen or so podcasts that I ever listened to regularly. Their production had slowed over the last few years, and the last episode to hit the feed was in June of 2014. Sad to see it fade away, but it was a consistently excellent and thought-provoking podcast.

Back From The Dead Award, for shows that seemed to maybe have been dead, but released at least one episode in 2015!
Runners-up:Tom Versus
Winner: The Saint Cast. After taking 2014 off, Dr. Paul Camarata released 2 episodes in 2015, making me grateful for any episodes that he can release.

And now on to the two most prestigious awards ...

Best New Podcast of 2015
Runners-Up: Beware of Monsters, Ditch Diggers, Secret Origins, Warlord Worlds, Worth Playing For

Winner:  Trekker Talk. Darrin and Ruth Sutherland have introduced me to a comic and a character with which I was unfamiliar. Their show is a delight to listen to, and the hosts are a very friendly pair. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this new show, and look forward to listening to more episodes in 2016. 

Favorite Overall Podcast
Runners-Up: The Fire & Water Podcast, More Than One Lesson, No Agenda
Winner: Long Play. What a great idea for a show, having geeks talk about their favorite rock-n-roll albums. The concept of rotating hosts (full disclosure: including me for two episodes) keeps the episodes fresh and the albums diverse. The execution of the episodes has been terrific as well, with the songs fading in and out at just the right moments. Congratulations to Bob Fisher, Chris Honeywell, Luke Jaconetti, and the other people behind the podcast for delivering such a solid, fun, interesting, and unique show.


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