Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review of Warheart

Book 45. Warheart, by Terry Goodkind. Unabridged audio.

Almost ten years ago, Terry Goodkind brought to an end his 11-novel Sword of Truth series. I was satisfied with that ending, and thought the final three books in the epic series were very strong.

After producing one contemporary novel, The Law of Nines, Goodkind found himself drawn back to the characters that he wrote for nearly two decades. Branded “Richard and Kahlan” novels, he began a new series. And with Warheart, he (supposedly) has ended this second fantasy series. Once and for all.

At least for now.

In this finale, Richard and Kahlan face down the ultimate Evil that is coming to claim the D’Haran Empire. And at the start of novel, Richard is dead, lying on his funeral bier. So things don’t look good for the heroes. But since Kahlan was dead for a while in the last novel, the fact Richard does not stay dead in this novel is not a surprise.

Goodkind ends the series on a strong note, bringing in past characters where appropriate, and fulfilling Goodkind’s goals in writing fiction. He has strong feelings about notions of free will and prophecy and similar tropes of epic fantasy, and those themes come into play in the final resolution of the storyline.

I trust that Goodkind intends to not write more about these characters, but he has said that before. These remain among my favorite fantasy series, and if he chooses to revisit this world years from now, I’ll be here to read what he produces.

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