Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Emily and I just passed the 2-year mark as comic book podcasters. We celebrated this occasion with an episode of Shortbox Showcase that included a “state of the pod” discussion, as well a discussion of the 1989 Annual of The Question.

The Question is an interesting character. He was developed by Steve Ditko for Charlton Comics, and possessed an Objectivist philosophy in the Ayn Rand tradition. The characters from that company were eventually sold to DC Comics. The original concept for Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” was that he would use these “inventory” characters that DC was not actively publishing. The company balked at that, and Moore created analogs for the Charlton characters, and of The Question morphed in Rorschach. Eventually, the Question did make his way into the DC mainstream, both in this series written by Dennis O’Neil and later in stories by Greg Rucka and others. The specific “take” on the character changed over the years from Ditko’s original formulation, but he has always been a character with a philosophical bent.

In that podcast episode, we also announced that Emily’s solo show, Uncovering The Bronze Age, is coming to an end. She put in a ton of work on those episodes, and as she said on the episode, “doing a solo podcast is hard work.” Some of the topics and issues she had hoped to get to, we will re-purpose into topics for Shortbox Showcase.

We also announced that we would be getting a new project up and going. That is Dorkness to Light, which will take a more in-depth look at the religious, spiritual, and theological concepts and ideas in comics, movies, and other aspects of pop culture. That project now consists of a blog, a Tumblr, and will eventually (fingers crossed) include the occasional podcast episode. If those topics interest you, you are invited to check us out.

Here’s to another two years (maybe more!) of podcasting!

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