Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Podcasts For My Ears!

In the Summer, when I have more time on my hands, and when podcasts tend to slow down their production a bit, and most of my TV shows or on hiatus, I find myself looking for new things to listen to. Sometimes these are podcasts just getting going, and sometimes they are just "new to me." But for me, some of podcasts I've recently found include:

The Secret Origins Podcast -- Host Ryan Daly and a rotating cast of co-hosts (including me, in the future!) review the DC Comics title, Secret Origins. This comic told the untold origins of a range of well-known and obscure heroes, from across the various ages of DC's history, giving the show plenty of fodder for conversation.

Ditch Diggers -- Another podcast about the business of creativity, or specifically the publishing business. Longtime podcasters Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace, along with the occasional guest, talk about their own careers, the ups and downs, the goods and the bads of being professional writers.

The Untitled Patrick Rothfuss Podcast -- This is scheduled for a 10-epiosde run, which is a nice way for busy, creative folk to get into podcasting. Along with Max Temkin, the creator of Cards Against Humanity, Rothfuss talks about the business of creativity, the process of creativity and whatever else they can think of. The first three episodes have been very conversational, passionate and eye-opening. Quite enjoyable.

Power of the Atom -- Part of the Rolled Spine network, this show features

fan podcast devoted to 23rd century bounty hunter Mercy St Clair. Mercy's adventures are told in the pages of Trekker, an independent comic which began its publication life in 1987, created by writer, and artist Ron Randall. Despite being unfamiliar with the comic, the hosts passion and interactions make the episodes enjoyable. 

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