Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Own Podcast Awards!

My Very Own Podcast Awards 

Since I (1) listen to a lot of podcasts, and (2) have a blog, I believe I am qualified to talk about my favorites podcasts of 2014. And since the official Podcast Awards were delayed into later this year, this is about as official as things can get for now ...

Favorite Podcast That I Have Guested On
Runners-Up: Views From the Longbox, Walking Dead Wednesday, Trentus Magnus Punches Reality, Just One of the Guys, The Fantasticast, The Fire & Water Podcast, Who True Freaks
Winner: Back to the Bins, which has not just had me on, but had me BACK. More than once. That hardly ever happens. They also had my daughter Emily on. 

Favorite Overall Podcast
Runners-Up: Comics Monthly Monday, The Tony Kornheiser Show, More Than One Lesson
Winner: No Agenda

Best Produced Podcast
Runners-Up: X-Files Truth, No Agenda, Arkham Sessions
Winner: Spirit Blade Underground 

Best New Podcast of 2014
Runners-Up:  Parallel Lines, SQPN: Secrets of Doctor Who, Mark's Mess, Earning My Ears. {almost nominated: Comic Book Time Machine}
Winner:  King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun

Gonna Miss You Award, for a show that ended (or maybe seems to have ended) in 2014.
Runners-up: Authentic Life Radio, The Social Hour, The Bunker Project, Mad Money Machine
Winner:  Superman in the Bronze Age

Back From The Dead Award, for shows that seemed to maybe be dead, but released at least one episode in 2014!
Runners-up:  Praxis Podcast, The Jen and Dave Show, Superman Forever Radio
Winner:  Tales of the Justice Society of America. After taking 2013 off, they released 15 episodes in 2014, and have big big plans for 2015.

Special Award: Best Individual Podcast Episode 
Uncovering the Bronze Age #5, in which my daughter Emily (with audio contributions from some podcasting luminaries) talks about the influential book Seduction of the Innocent, as well as its notorious author Fredric Wertham. It's part audio drama, part book report, part podcast episode.


  1. No bias or favoritism in that last special category, eh, Professor? LOL!

    1. I think you might understand that bias ...