Friday, October 31, 2014

Review of Christmas Mourning

Book#45. Christmas Mourning, by Margaret Maron. Unabridged audio. 

I am a few books behind in Margaret Maron’s Deborah Knott series of novels. The last one I read before this one was 2009’s Sand Sharks, which I read before I even started this blog. So I figured it was time to work on getting caught up.

Judge Deborah Knott and Deputy Sheriff Dwight Bryant are getting ready to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, while the rest of the folk in Colleton County, NC are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. But the death of a beautiful young cheerleader in a car crash devastates the community.

It quickly becomes clear that the girl’s death was more than a simple accident, and more lives may be at risk if Deborah and Dwight can’t discover why she died. Some combination of prescription drugs, alcohol, a cell phone call, and a strange bright light all contributed to the girl’s death. But who provided what parts of this dangerous mix to the girl needs to be discovered, in order to determine who is in fact responsible for her death.

The mystery’s solution is solid, and the scenes capturing the perpetrator were exciting and suspenseful. The continuing characterization of the main characters continues to be strong here. Deborah and Dwight’s relationship are the main focus of character development, but both Dwight’s son Cal and (surprisingly) his boss Sheriff Poole also receive attention.

As always, CJ Critt does an excellent job narrating the books in this series. Overall, I was very satisfied with this novel.

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