Friday, March 29, 2013

Podcast Milestones

A few of the podcasts I listen to have recently reached major milestones, and I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize these accomplishments.

1000 -- NetCast Studios just released its 1,000th network episode. The network has shows that cover technology, sports, women's interest, and just casual conversation. Mike, Dave, and the team have done a great job over the years producing high quality audio and video programs

500 --  No Agenda, self-proclaimed as "the best podcast in the universe," will reach produce its 500th show on Easter Sunday. I found this show around episode #10, and have been listening to hosts John C Dvorak and Adan Curry do their twice-weekly news and media deconstruction ever since.

300 -- The Bible Study Podcast. Host Chris Christensen has been producing a (mostly) weekly 10-minute Bible Study for more than 6 years. He does a good job putting out a non-denominational, non-partisan, straightforward study, without any particular axe to grind. He moves back and forth between topical studies and chapter-by-chapter book studies.

250 -- Fantastic Fourcast. Dave Elliott does a humorous issue-by-issue review of the Fantastic Four comic book. His episodes run about 10 minutes each, and has already reached the year 1983. He still has hundreds of issues to cover, and I wish him luck.


  1. and the same week Amateur Traveler will hit 365 episodes, one for every day of the year :-)

  2. Congratulations on BOTH milestones, Chris!