Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book #42

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152, by David Petersen. Graphic novel.
After the rollicking high adventure of Fall 1152, things turn much darker and more dire for the Mouse Guard as the cold weather comes in. There and danger from above (owls and bats) and below (weasels). In the course of this volume, there is a major death, a romance blooms, and many battles are waged. At the end, the Mouse Guard's main mission is accomplished, but one gets the sense that not all is well in the land. Seeds for future stories have definitely been planted.

The relationships between the mice and their riding-hares was one of the few light spots in this volume, and came at a good point in the narrative. A story this intense and dark needs some funny parts.

Again, the odd shape of the pages makes Mouse Guard stand out among other graphic novels. This enables Petersen to operate within panels of shapes and sizes that other artists do not have access to. His art is beautiful, with many silent panels telling the story wonderfully without words.

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