Monday, June 25, 2012

Book #36

Of Love & Evil, by Anne Rice. Unabridged audio.

 In 2002, Anne Rice had a spiritual re-awakening, and decided to no longer write novels about vampires and witches. Among the topics she decided to write about were angels, by way of the Songs of the Seraphim series. 

The second book of this series sees former assassin Toby O'Dare sent back to 15th century Rome by his guardian angel -- Toby's past makes him perfectly suited to his new job as dispenser of divine justice throughout time and space. His job in Of Love and Evil is to solve a murder, one that may involve an ancient demon.  It is a nice mix of traditional religious belief and Rice's long-time fascination with the darker elements of life.

The book touches on the Jewish-Catholic relations of that era, and the character nuances were strong in playing out that theme. This was a short novel, and it was in the plot area that the brevity showed most. It  was a complete story, although it was an enjoyable read.

The story completely wraps up in this volume, but then the last few pages set up what I assume will be the next novel.

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