Friday, April 13, 2012

An Episode to Remember

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The podcast episodes that come down the Two True Freaks! feed usually cover stereotypically geeky topics, like Star Wars and Star Trek, comic books and TV shows. But the "Titanic Remembered" episode from April 9 was something very different.

Scott Gardner does this episode on his own, as the Titanic is his own personal passion. A solo podcast running well over 2 hours could easily lose focus or become disorganized, but this one never does. Gardner keeps the episode organized, interesting, and very easy to listen to.

The episode covers the Titanic events from a wide array of perspectives. He talks about how the book "A Night to Remember" began his lifelong fascination with the topic, and then launches into a discussion of books and documentaries on the subject, as well as novels and feature films that use the events of April 1912 as a plot point or setting. Of course he discusses the James Cameron movie, and his response to it was not at all what I expected. Gardner even reminisces about a Titanic-themed Commodore 64 game he once played. To say the least, the subject is comprehensively covered.

Most of the Two True Freaks! podcast episodes are scored, as this one is. The musical bed underneath Gardner adds to the atmosphere of the episode. The clips and musical cues were cleverly integrated, setting appropriate emotional tones for various segments of the show.

If you are fascinated by the lore of the Titanic, or simply want to hear from someone for who is, I would encourage you to download this podcast episode.

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